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www.PennyStockRally.com presents its early bird Memorial Day special that we plan on covering for the next week.

Viper Networks has been a significantly underperforming sub-penny stock for the past year. And we all know when sub-penny stocks take off, the returns are enormous.

However,recent stock action and company press releases reconfirming their real commitment to the LED industry, has us very excited about VPER once again, and we are issuing an Immediate Alert on the company.

As the 2012 Presidential Election gets into full swing, you can be assured that the topic of alternative energy and green fuel will be discussed repeatedly and Vega Biofuel (VGPR) is positioning itself for the worldwide explosion in the alternative energy sector.  VGPR is on the cutting edge of an alternative energy source and has strategized a plan that can lead to MASSIVE gains for shareholders.

As you know by now, we don’t come out with picks very often but when we do, they really move. 

After a lot of digging and research we have uncovered a stock that we think is in the right sector and poised for an explosive move higher.

Our new pick is CETH.

Indemia Gold (CETH) is a results-driven precious metal mining company that is different from most in this space for a few reasons;

CETH is focused on monetizing the mineral wealth of Columbia and has significant infrastructure in a secure jurisdiction.  Colombia is the most stable democracy in South America with a proven gold production history.

CETH strives to create shareholder value through near-term gold and platinum production at its flagship Choco Placer Mine and long-term development of district-scale hard rock projects. This two-pronged approach reduces risk for stakeholders through organic growth and minimal dilution while leaving upside potential intact.

DRWN 170% in one day--On to the next one.

Hello Again,

DRWN did it.  One day after we profiled the company, DRWN traded 60 million shares (a company record) and soared +174% from the previous sessions close. 

We highlighted our reason to get involved in DRWN was an expected string of catalysts that seemed to be lining up in the company that would lead to a strong move.  Today we received news of the first catalyst:
Breaking News: New Alert for 04/23/2012
The company that has us so excited is DRWN – A Clean Slate, Inc.

This is the right stock…..in the right sector…..at the right time!

The stock has a number of catalysts that are coming together and should propel this stock to new highs very quickly.

Warren Buffet is investing in the same sector.

That alone should be enough but there is so much more going on.....

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We have been thoroughly researching dozens of small-cap companies and while we have seen some decent opportunities, we really want our first profiled stock to be one our members will never forget.  We believe that we’ve recently discovered a company that has the foundation and the type of near-term momentous growth potential that can it has the ability to possibly change our member’s net worth.

We are close to releasing the details of our analysis along with our trade recommendation for this company.  We think our members may see profits of 100%-500% soon after our release.  If there is one valuable strategy that we have learned to exploit over the years, it’s that timing is absolutely everything in the stock market.

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Our ROCKET STOCK is ready for take-off!

We will release our report later this week.

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