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Breaking News: New Alert for 04/23/2012
Monday, April 23 2012
Tags: Stocks
4-22-2012 PennyStockRally.com Bottom Feeder Trade Alert
Some of the biggest gains come from stocks that are trading at or near their lows.
That’s why we continuously search for companies that have a business catalyst brewing to take their stock price higher and eventually become a Wall Street darling.  
We dig through tons of info to find companies that make changes internally in an attempt to increase shareholder value.
AAPL – restructuring that launched the stock from $12 to $630 and change
SNPK – delivering their product to over 10,000 Walgreens helped propel the stock from $.38 to $1.50
We have scanned and analyzed many companies and we have what we believe will be the sleeper stock of the month that has legs for an aggressive move upward.
We are issuing an Immediate Alert on DRWN .
DRWN: A Clean Slate, Inc.
The company just announced the following catalysts:
New board
New Management
New Direction
New Business model
About DRWN :
We are a buyer of distressed assets primarily real estate however the company will consider other sectors and is also a hard money lender for commercial and residential real estate. The company also will lend to small businesses. The company believes that their strategy of hard money lending works in conjunction with acquiring distressed assets; you can visit the company's website at http://www.daaginc.com or follow us on Facebook at;
With major disruptions internally you can assure yourself DRWN will be making more announcements assuring the stock will move to much higher levels off its current price of  .003.
Take a look at the chart:
Take a look at the recent news:
In yet another sign that the real estate sector is rounding off of its bottom and gearing up to make a major move to the upside:
Warren Buffet just purchased Prudential Northwest Realty
Anytime a stock is trading off its lows and in a sector that Warren Buffet is active – two words come to mind – headed north.
Let’s recap:
DRWN is trading of its low
DRWN just made major shifts in the company
DRWN is in a sector that is trending upwards
DRWN stock is quiet and trading at its lows
Warren Buffet is active in this sector
We strongly urge our members to take a strong look at DRWN .
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